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Antenna RCS Measurement
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Our antenna / RCS test system expertise will provide you with the following:

Test patterns for all types of antennas and RCS targets.

Application and test facility tailored software packages capable of driving commercial and home made positioners.

Cost effective upgrades or completely new systems.

Antenna / RCS  range facilities supported worldwide.

Full antenna / RCS test system data acquisition and control activities including: design, hardware/software development, installation/implementation, integration, verification, documentation and operator training.

Modern test system architectures using PC hardware and RF/Microwave signal generators alternatives.

Specialist in HP/Agilent 8510 and 8530 receivers.

Options to economise through the selection of re-furbished used automatic test equipment (near new).

Feasibility and viability studies.

Fixed Price or labour & materials based contracts.

Complete documentation covering: testing procedures, antenna / RCS range configurations, operator entered information, parts lists, cable routing, schematic diagrams, antenna alignment issues, system performance uncertainties, software installation instructions, antenna test parameters, manual operation mode overrides.


Listed below are just some of the functions and features that are available for your antenna / RCS measurement software:

Generic and batch measurement windows.

Automatic test sequences and segments determined from test range feeder bands (such as waveguide), multiple RF/MW sources & frequency ranges, and sweep types (such as CW, step and ramp modes).

Positioner azimuth, elevation and rotation axes. Positioner attributes supported (such as acceleration, profile, threshold).

Any specified data file structure. Spreadsheet format (tab delimited) files in a device/date/config/polarisation/scan_axis directory tree structure is recommended.

Platforms supported:

Microsoft Windows®3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT
HPBASIC for HP9000/300 Workstation series
HPBASIC for Microsoft DOS® on HPBASIC Language Processor Card
HTBASIC for Microsoft DOS®
HP Instrument Basic for Microsoft Windows®
...and other 32bit operating systems

ANTENNA / RCS MEASUREMENT Window: For simple single frequency testing;

Function: Type (Scan, Boresight), Start Test, Abort Test, Trial Test.
Scan (Angle): Start, Stop, Resolution, Margin (for acceleration).
Aperture PLOT: Measurement monitoring and warnings to prevent invalid (skewed) data.
Test Frequencies: CW or Swept frequencies (Ramp or Step modes), CW, START, STOP.
Sweep Characteristics: Number of Trace Points, Sweep/Dwell Time, Quick Step, Fast Lock Speed.
Parameter Definition: Phase Locking (to), Numerator, Denominator (all ratios are covered).
Dynamic Range: Averaging, Resolution Bandwidth, Source Power, Plot Scales.
System Status: Full activity log.

RF/MW SOURCE CONFIGURATION Window: Define Source Name, source Start and Stop frequency range, Sweep CW/Ramp/Step (capability), EIP Lock (to counter), ALC Internal/External/mmModule, Harmonic (for mmModule).

RF/MW BAND CONFIGURATION Window: Define Band Name, band Start and Stop frequency range.

IEEE-488 Window: Define IEEE-488 Addresses for, receiver, sources, test sets, EIP Counter, Positioner Controller.

POSITIONER MODE Window: Scanning/Manouvering/Boresight control parameters including, Acceleration, Low Drive, Profile, Speed, Speed Range, Threshold.

POSITIONER Window: Define (user selectable) Boresight and User frequented angles.

RCS REFERENCE Window: Type Sphere/Triangular Trihedral/Flat Square Plate, Radius/Main Dimension, RCS Calculator.

FILE SAVE Window: Test Particulars (user entries) stored with measurement data are; Model#, Serial#, Manufacturer, Notes, Configuration Notes, Test Type, Range Polarisation, Device Axes (Degrees).

TEST EXECUTIVE Window: For multiple frequency & comprehensive testing; Captures all of the above features for batch measurements which includes automatic handling of band crossings (both RF/MW source and range waveguide), measure Antenna Pattern, RCS background Cal, RCS Target.

DISPLAY Window: plot area, X and Y axis Label, Units, Max, Min, Text1, Text2, ....

DISPLAY DATA TYPE Window: load Device data, apply Antenna Gain file, apply RCS Reference data, apply RCS Background correction, Normalise.

GRAPH STYLE Window: Color, Line Style (dashes, etc.), Plot Style (points connected, etc.), Point Style, Graticule (color), Text (color).

STANDARD GAIN Files: User entered Frequency (MHz) and Factor (dBi) data.

Antenna RCS Test Software and Hardware
Antenna RCS Test Software Features

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Antenna RCS Measurement
Test Executive
Test Result Display

Test Executive Window
sed for running multi-frequency banded
and/or multi-configured antenna ranges
or test antennas

Test Result Display Window
used for result comparisons,
normalisation, background corrections






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Antenna / RCS Test Software and Hardware

Antenna RCS Test Software and Hardware
Antenna RCS Test Software Features

How To Contact Us

Antenna RCS Measurement
Test Executive
Test Result Display

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